Warehouse relocation

Warehouse relocation servicesSome removals are very often associated with a warehouse move. The ideal situation is when there is no stock on the racking and the only things to be moved are the racking themselves and some equipment like forklifts, ladders, scanning equipment and other items kept in the warehouse. Unfortunately in most cases the racking shelves are full of stock that has to be labelled and properly packed.

The key to a successful warehouse relocation is proper planning. All stock need to be audited and an adequate way of moving and storing it need to be planned. We offer free of charge warehouse survey during which our experienced move manager will:

  • Take the exact inventory of the stock to be moved
  • Estimate the type of crates and moving boxes to pack the items in stock
  • Evaluate whether the stock have to be boxes or need to be palletized and  shrink-wrapped
  • Estimate the time, manpower, the size and the number of vehicles to successfully complete the job on time and as planned
  • Calculate the new warehouse and office space needed to store the stock white the racking system is being taken down, moved and reinstalled
  • Establish what type of packing materials and moving equipment will be required to move the warehouse stock without any problems

When moving a warehouse we also take into account the type of content stored in the warehouse. Years of experience in the commercial removals industry have helped us to create a wide range of services related to the removal of all types of stock – electronic equipment, books, car parts, metals sheets, row materials, furniture, computers and many more. Our removal expert during the tentative visual inspection, evaluates the amount of property to be moved, works out the best way of moving it and choose best protection methods so your goods can be delivered to the new place without any damage. On the free quote we include the estimated time and the costs of the warehouse move. Once you have accepted our quote we sign the contract and are ready to do what we do best.

Warehouse movers UKFor most of our customers the warehouse removals be it in Birmingham, London, Liverpool, Edinburgh or in any other UK town or city is something new, something they have not done before. We can assure that for us it is a cap of tea we drink every single day. We always offer free advice and help with planning if the customer does not require the move management service.

You can be sure that the way we plan your warehouse and racking removals is the easiest, quickest and at the same time most economical way of relocating warehouse goods from one business premises to another. The equipment we use to move your possessions facilitate the entire process. Every step of the project is planned from start to finish. We take into account every requirement and always find all potential pitfalls which are later eliminated by careful planning.

If you decide to pack your goods on your own we will provide you with the appropriate types and number of boxes, crates and wooden pallets. We will provide you with the labels and instruct how to mark and describe all items and their destinations.

In addition to all above we take care of your existing and new warehouse by protecting all exits, doors, lifts and windows for the time of removals.

Our experienced removal men know how to protect, pack and move different type of goods – glass products, electronic components, machinery parts, car parts, food products, toys, plastic components, ICT equipment and any type of semi-finished articles and ready products.

All our clients can also take advantage of all or some additional warehouse relocation services in Birmingham, London, Bristol, Guildford, Kent, Surrey and other areas that we have developed over the years to fulfil the needs of our customer.

UK and Birmingham warehouse movers

Our experienced warehouse movers can provide cheap and at the same time high class removal services that consists of:

  • Inventory of the stock
  • Labelling of warehouse racking and goods
  • Packing, storing, moving, unpacking and placing of goods
  • Provision of crates, boxes, packing materials and Euro pallets
  • Warehouse removals planning and management
  • Dismantling and reassembling of the racking system
  • Stock palletizing
  • Provision of new racking units
  • Disposal and recycling of various warehouse equipment

For more details regarding the warehouse move planning, free warehouse removal quote and costs estimate please contact us today. We can't wait to prove how good and cheap we are.

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