A handful of useful tips to find the best office space

A new office space is not merely a change of addresses, but is much more than that. The property that you select will eventually reflect the brand personality, culture and values of your company. Thus, it is crucial in having a thorough understanding of what exactly you need prior to embarking on a journey to hunt an office space. First and foremost, it is essential to maintain a checklist for best results. Brand imagine for some companies is their most chief asset while for some start-ups they prefer searching local desk share schemes. No matter to which category you belong to, finding the perfect space at the right price is what matters.

Step by step guide when looking for a cheap and right space for your new office

The requirements of businesses in recent years have changed dramatically. Almost two-three decades ago, organizations were searching for something different and sought room that were larger in size. But now things have changed. Presently, a company looks for a reliable building management, hassle free and simple use of technology, including PCs as well as higher flexibility. Right from office partitioning to legalities, we have come up with a step by step guide that will prove truly beneficial to make you have a clear understanding of your requirements. These include,

  • Free office space BirminghamSet a clear budget - Prior to taking any major step it is essential in setting a budget for your new office space. Always think of what you can best afford as well as what margins you are capable of going up to yet afford this in the future provided the space is costlier compared to what your budget permits. Do not forget to include business rates and service charges in your budget.
  • Location - Location plays a key role while selecting new office space. While considering a new location, it is vital that you take into consideration the real estate price in the particular area versus the attractiveness and quality of the area and also the employees' convenience. Prices differ vastly in response to the area, thus spending sufficient time on research is important.
  • Decide the amount of space you need - After considering the budget and location, next it is essential to decide the amount of space that you require. This will depend on the total employees that you have, how many private function rooms are required as well considering other facilities such as leisure centres, canteens and kitchens. We can help you to move your office along with guiding you on spacing.
  • Briefing the property agent - Taking the help of a professional commercial property agent like us will help you to move your office along with helping you in securing your new office space. We personally interact with our clients to know their needs regarding their office space, every facility they require on the site, their budget, office size, period of the lease they have planned for, moving window and other necessities. Thus, you should openly tell us your needs as it will give us the framework for helping us to evaluate the right commercial property market thereby offering you the finest options that we find.
  • Layout and office design - The layout and structure of the new office space are vital. Whether you need cubicles or a spacious open plan and office partitioning, it is best to decide beforehand.
  • Parking spaces - The space for parking vehicles for both employees and clients have turned into a necessity currently. Thus ensure in selecting an office space which offers sufficient parking areas for everyone
  • Legalities - After selecting the new office space, the lease requires in being handed over to the property solicitor who will ensure the lease is perfect via checking the details, keeping a track that no information is hidden
  • Adequate facilities - Always choose a space that is adequate for air conditioning and heating in the building. Check out what additional amenities will the landlord offer as part of their lease agreement that is signed
  • Anticipate the future - Everyone is aware that moving to a new space is a costly affair, thus it is wise to anticipate the future. If your organization is small, it is best in reviewing your business plans to try in anticipating the building needs. Give your 100% to your organization's future growth prospects and likewise choose a space which can accommodate them.
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Renting a new office space

Locating the right office space is indeed a big commitment on your part as this process can be both expensive as well as time-consuming. Always remember that your willingness in moving to a new space must support an all-inclusive real estate strategy that is designed for enhancing your organizational culture, boost up productivity and ensure that your business will remain sustainable in the long run. If you are thinking of an office space which does not do this, it is best to keep looking. Follow the aforementioned tips which will guide you in locating the finest space for your office devoid of breaking the bank.