What we do?

We specialize in factory relocations. Whether you are moving 100 square meters or 10000 square meters factory we are the right movers to do the job as planned.


Each factory move require professional planning. Each aspect of the relocation need to be taken into account. We will produce the best way to relocate your production lines!



One thing is the planning the other is the execution. To relocate factory plants you need specialist lifting and moving equipment and experienced engineers that know how to use it.



To provide you with a budget costs or with the accurate quote we offer free factory plants survey. Our engineer can meet you at your convenience. It is with no obligation.


Factory relocation

Relocation of production lines and entire factories is a complex logistical undertaking. We offer detailed factory examination and planning and establish all the necessary work to be done from the start to finish. We produce step by step factory move plan, organize the relocation, and implement the project plan from the disassembly to the assembly at the final destination. 

We offer all electrical and mechanical services needed to relocate any type of factory.

During full factory removals we utilize specialized equipment for loading, transportation and unloading of production lines components. We can move any type of heave and abnormal size equipment weighing up to 300 ton.

We realize how important it is to start the production lines. We focus on professionalism, safety and timeliness of our work. We know how to plan and deliver the relocation of your factory on time.

Our removals of industrial factory equipment and production lines services consist of:

  • Preparation of methodology and project schedule
  • Professional removal of all factory equipment and production lines
  • Expert dismantling so that there are no problem with reassembling and starting the production
  • Labelling, marking and packaging of parts tailored to the type of transport
  • Coordination of all activities associates with factory moving
  • Secure relocation to the new factory
  • Coordination of the unloading, positioning, reconnecting and starting factory lines
  • Re-installation of equipment in accordance with the technical specifications and customer requirements
  • Preparation of detailed reports

Factory moversCase study:

Project Description:

On behalf of one of our clients we have completed 4000 m2 factory relocation including items requiring special protection and fragile transport, from the UK to Brazil.

The key elements of the factory relocation:

Transportation was made by road from London to the port in Southampton, then by sea to the port of Santos in Brazil and by road to the new factory.

All activities were accompanied by extreme time pressure due to the customer's production plans.

Scope of services: 

  • Collection of the dismantled production line from a factory in the UK
  • Transfer of the factory equipment to the temporary storage
  • Asset audit, inventory, international packing and preparation of export documents
  • Specialized packaging and protection of devices for the duration of sea shipping
  • Transportation of factory plants in appropriately designed containers
  • Preparation of technical documentation, export and customs
  • Transport by sea to the port of Santos, Brazil

Factory removals services

The factory move project implementation went in accordance with the planned timetable providing a lot of satisfaction to all involved factory movers.

Our head office in the UK is situated in Birmingham. We also have presence in other major UK cities like London, Bristol, Coventry, Chester, Preston, Manchester, Leeds, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Edinburgh. If you are looking for an experienced UK factory mover you should contact us.

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We offer free factory survey, advice on moving and free estimate. Our factory relocation managers can visit you at your convenience and discuss you factory move requirements. We will plan and execute your factory relocation despite of whether you’re moving it from Birmingham, London or Glasgow. We can move your factory plants from anywhere in the UK to any part of England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and worldwide.