UK and Birmingham Machinery Removals

In its broadest sense, machinery move project management matches client need with a successful outcome, by creating and managing the chain of events in between. It is present on everything from the moving of a single machine to designing and implementing the roll out of a new factory. In detail it covers, among other things, establishing and managing the client partnership, health and safety, consistency of standards, cost control, communication protocols, training, team and equipment selection, and delivering technical proficiency. Most importantly, whatever form it takes, it expertly drives every factory relocation project to its conclusion. Wherever you you machines are be it in Birmingham, London, Preston, Liverpool, Sheffield or in any other UK cite we will plan your machine move and execute from the start to finish.

Mechanical Services

Cheap and local machinery moversWhether you're moving existing plant and machinery in the Birmingham, Bristol, London, Glasgow area or anywhere in the UK, or installing new equipment, our machine movers provide mechanical removal services to connect or disconnect water, air and gas utilities. At Machinery Removals with the head office in Birmingham our qualified engineers can also design the delivery systems for those services, using applied engineering, industry knowledge and CAD systems to create a blueprint for the installation of pipework, ducting, heating, ventilation, compressed air, air conditioning, extraction systems and other manufacturing networks. 

Electrical Services

Our electrical engineers specialise in the connection of industry equipment and machinery from single items to the electrical network of an entire manufacturing facility. Our Birmingham plant moving project managers focus on the efficient planning and speedy execution of heavy items moves to match your manufacturing schedules and achieve zero downtime for your facility. Our UK machinery relocation on-site teams provide the same methodical expertise on everything from straightforward power installations to the complex demands of variable speed drives and integrated control systems. 

Plant Removals

Electrical services and machinery movingThe forerunners of modern engineering are heavy plant removals and machine relocation services, and these remain core skills among our engineering teams today. At cheap and local machinery movers we have the expertise and equipment to relocate industrial machinery and components safely and skilfully anywhere in Birmingham and in the world. Your Birmingham factory relocation project can be further enhanced and achieve greater cost benefits by combining removals with our other areas of activity.

For example, mechanical and electrical services Birmingham can undertake the decommissioning and installation (see above), while our storage and warehouse services Birmingham (see below) can be used to receive, hold and prepare machinery, components and materials for scheduled delivery and installation into your facilities.

Machine Packing and Shipping

Our Machinery moving companies provide export packing, detailed preparation and safe passage and shipping of machines and factory plants from Birmingham to anywhere in the world. Preparation and packing can include cleaning and environmental protection of machines, separate care for hazardous or vulnerable parts and the design and build of special packaging specifically for every item, constructed to British Standards. Our project move management is provided both at the source and destination points. And, like our machine removal service in Birmingham, additional benefits can be gained by combining this with our other activities for a more expedient, more cost-effective turnkey solution. 

Birmingham Machinery Movers and Storage

Static or active storage – you decide. Our Machinery Removals have a network of warehouse facilities in across around the country, each of which can support the storage of heavy machinery, precision equipment, and industrial materials. Machinery can be environmentally protected and stored safely and securely, or we can provide active storage, using our facilities in Birmingham, London, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow and Bristol as an operational base for servicing, maintenance, rebuilding, testing and machine relocation, or as a cost-effective staging environment for new build programmes. Whatever you choose, the bottom line is you no longer need to find space on your own site for machinery and equipment that is currently out of service, allowing you to make more productive use of your own space. What's mover we can move your machines despite of the size, location and site logistics. We also have experience in hospital equipment removals.

Machinery moves

Print Industry machinery moves

The print industry is a specific business sector with specific equipment and requirements. Our machinery removal companies are exceptionally well versed in providing removal solutions to printers that cater solely for the type of environments in which they work.

We have many years' experience of decommissioning, moving and recommissioning presses and finishing equipment and are familiar with a wide range of manufacturers, including Heidelberg, Fuji and Man Roland. At Birmingham Machinery Movers we can manage the differing needs of smaller print rooms, 4-colour litho houses and the giant configurations of magazine and newspaper printing.