Hospital removals services for a smooth relocation

Reallocation is always challenging and when it comes to the reallocation of hospital then challenges and criticality increased ten folds. As part of our hospital removals service we take care of shifting the complex medical instruments and the patients from the old location to the new one. We have successfully moved many hospitals into the new location successfully. The feedback from our clients reflects the quality of our service that we offer.

Full hospital move planning and management

 Moving hospital equipmentWe understand the criticality of this service and that is the reason we have taken all the precautionary measure in tailoring this service. Here are some of the tasks that are catered in the services.

  • Packing of the medical instruments efficiently to avoid any breakage.
  • Phased movement of the instrument based on the criticality.
  • Moving and unpacking the medical equipment into the new location.
  • Moving the critical unit and the passengers efficiently without creating an adverse situation.
  • Well arranged and planned transformation of the equipments.

Whether it is an autopsy, viewing, operation and preparation table, examination couch, exerciser mirror, ultrasound unit, electric stimulator, Operating light, Anaesthetic machine with ventilator, Blood warmer, Fetus detector, Suction machine, Diagnostic set, General X-ray Unit, Ultra sound unit, Mammography unit, Blood bank refrigerator, Caesaerian section set, Defibrillator or any other hospital equipment we can move it.

Hospital moving Approach

Planning plays an important role when it comes to movement of the hospitals. The entire success of the reallocation of the hospital depends on the planning. Our planning takes care of the minutest of the things. We start with deciding the priority of movement and the movement plans. We discuss with the hospital authorities about their priorities and model our plan accordingly.

Once decided we start the movement we start with the general instruments movement so that the maximum percentage of the reallocation can be done swiftly. Once all the general moves are done we concentrate of the intensive care unit. We understand that any miss here can lead to loss of the life and that is the reason we take all care and precaution while shifting it. We use the special designed vehicle that offers all the possible comforts while reallocating.

We have been involved in many large scale hospital removals in Birmingham, London, Bristol, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow and across the country and always completed in successful manner. Our project planning and move management helps in performing all the activities in an effective manner in the short span of time.  We have been able to reallocate the large hospitals in a span of the seven days.

Compliance with the hospital safety standards

The relocation of the hospital needs the maximum care and any in-compliance with the safety standard can make anyone fall in the hazardous situation.

This is the reason we follow the best safety standards and precautions while taking up any reallocation assignments. Starting from the packaging of the equipments till the movement of the extensive units and the patients we follow the standards and make sure that the work is form with the safety.

Hospital moving costs

Hospital equipment moversWe are proud to say that we offer the medical practice and hospital removals services at the competitive rates.

The quality of the service that we offer to our clients is far better than other service providers. And when it comes to the price we are cheaper than most of the service provider.

Our pricing model is transparent and offers the flexibility in pricing. Our clients pay for the services that they avail from us.

We do not bundle everything in the bill and tell the final price to the client. Rather we do specifically offer the detailed bill to the clients illustrating the charges of the minutest things.

While we are competitive on the rates we do not compromise with the quality of work do. We use the best packaging methodology and the best vehicle to move the equipments and the patients. We are honest and transparent in our actions.

Hospital movers expertise

We are the leaders when it comes to the hospital removal services. We have the people who are engaged in these services since decades and posses the necessary expertise to shift the hospitals without any issues. We believe to remain updates and that is the reason we adopt the latest technologies and tools. We have an extensive training program for all our employees. Hospital Movers employees are educated on the safety standards and on the operation of the moving tools.

We even use the latest tools to expedite our work.  Our vehicles are equipped with the latest tools and these tools help our hospital movers to work efficiently. Because of the use of the latest tools we complete our work in the shortest possible of time. We are always keen to adopt new tools and methods to improve the quality of our service. Our expertise is the key contributor of the effective services.

We have been in the hospital relocation business since years and have been delivering the best services to the customers.  The hospital removals services are one of the most popular services offered by us. The industry experts recommend our services due to the known advantages. If hospital movement is in your mid then contact us we would be happy to assist you and offer our best service.

Hospitals and medical practices in Birmingham list

Medical practise and Birmingham Hospital Movers
  • University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust
  • New Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham - Queen Elizabeth Medical Centre, Birmingham, United Kingdom, +44 121 627 2000
  • Birmingham City Hospital - Dudley Rd, Birmingham, United Kingdom, +44 121 554 3801
  • Birmingham Heartlands Hospital - Bordesley Green E, Birmingham, United Kingdom, +44 121 424 2000
  • The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital - The Woodlands, Bristol Rd S, Birmingham, United Kingdom, +44 121 685 4000
  • The Birmingham Women's Hospital - Mendelssohn Way, Birmingham, United Kingdom, +44 121 472 1377
  • Birmingham Children's Hospital - Steelhouse Ln, Birmingham, United Kingdom, +44 121 333 9999
  • BMI The Priory Hospital - Priory Rd, Birmingham, United Kingdom, +44 121 440 2323

As a professional, experienced and solid Birmingham hospital movers we also have done moves for medical practices and hospitals in London, Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Chester, Warrington, Preston, Sheffield, Leeds and York.