10 biggest mistakes when moving by yourself

There is an important step lying ahead of you - moving into a new home. Whether we are talking about newly purchased house or just a small rented apartment or a large office, the stress and the rush in the last minute can cause lots of unwanted complications. This is why it is really important to write down every task, starting with the simple ones, so you can successfully trace the upcoming results. Along with the never-ending list of things to do, make a list of all the things you need to avoid during the process of moving - a list full of blunders that can make hell out of your life just with the blink of the eye. Here are some of the most common mistakes that could be made when moving:

  1. You believe you can handle all the work alone

10 biggest mistakes when moving by yourself Big illusion which will only bring you headache!  The truth is that even moving in the closest suburb could cause problems in the organization, let alone moving in the far end of the city or a town across the country. There are a lot of issues that could occur such as breaking some of you possessions, lack of space in the truck that transports your furniture, unexpected expenses and so on…

That's why you should give yourself time to plan every little aspect and even ask for assistance from a specialized company that can do all the hard work for accessible price. Last but not least the process can go smooth and easy and you will have all your goods nice and steady placed at your new place. This will minimize the risks of damage, injuries and needless stress. You can always ask for an advice from parents or friend, who have walked this path before.

  1. You forgot about the inevitable 'rush hour'

According to recent surveys, most people start moving either in late spring or during the summer. Keeping that in mind, you should plan everything in advance so you won't have to deal with mediocre moving companies (since the best ones will probably already be booked when the time comes). That's why it would be best to choose a removal firm a couple of months ahead of time, after doing a thorough research of the market. It is a big mistake to leave it to the last minute.

  1. You didn't calculate the expenses

You don't buy a house or a car before knowing the price, do you? The same practice should be maintained when you move into a new location. Calculate the entire expenses up- front. You should be able to answer questions such as: 'How much does the transport cost?', 'Is there any insurance added to the price?' „Do I have to pay any additional taxes?” Once you have clear idea of these problems you can move to the next step. By underestimating the costs you may put yourself in an awkward situation.

  1. You haven't made any kind of insurance

Mistakes when moving everything aloneTaking care of the insurance might seem pointless to you now, but your mind will change if this scenario occurs: Imagine a situation in which the carriers are trying to place one of the heavy boxes inside the truck. Now try to read the word written on the box. Yes! It says "FRAGILE".

While reading you can also catch with the glimpse of your eye how, by mistake, one of the carriers drops the box and you can also hear the screen of your new plasma TV ( which was inside the box) breaking. Sweet, isn't it? This is why some of the removal companies offer insurance. In case of "clumsy hands" they are obligated to compensate the damage.

But remember - just making the insurance is not enough! You should also inform yourself what does this insurance cover and also in what conditions does the company pay off the losses?

  1. You have no idea what to do with the valuable items

Usually, movers do not take responsibility for the expensive stuff you possess (jewellery, for example). You have to pack and transport them by yourself.

For this purpose, you should come up with a detailed plan. Where are you going to keep these items? Is the place safe? How do you transport them? Taking care of all these small things will save you lots of trouble. Remember to read every part of the contract between you and the contractor. There are important clauses that will give you pretty nice idea of which items the firm will agree to transport. Alcohol and weapons are usually not in the list.

  1. You totally forgot that you are taking your pet with you

Carried away by tasks, you might forget that your pet is coming with you after all and it has some particular needs. Depending on the destination and the pet you are looking after, specific documents and certifications might be needed.  You should take the animal to the vet and even make some special vaccinations in case you are moving abroad. The transportation is also an essential element. Your 'precious' will need enough water and food if it is a long way home. Do do that mistake when moving on your own, the dates on your pet passport matter.

  1. Your plants have specific needs as well

Transporting your plants might need some additional preparation. In the process of moving, plants could fade or be damaged. To prevent throwing them away, you can simply transplant them into plastic pots, which are lighter and not so fragile. If you consider this task waste of time, you can always gift the plants to your relatives or friends. It a big mistake to leave them behind. You will regret it once you have moved by yourself to your new house.

  1. It is hard for you to get rid of all the 'junk' in your present home.

We all have items we never use. And the truth is nobody likes to spend money on pointless actions such as packing, transporting and unpacking things that will never be used in the new home as well. However, if you find a place to store all these useless stuff, it is likely they will stay there until the next time you move. Therefore it is best to schedule the cleaning of these things before you pack your bags. You don't have to throw them away on the garbage - sell them, give them for second hand use or devise a new function for them. By selling thing you could get founds to pay for professionals do move you instead of moving everything alone. Do not do that mistake when moving on your own. Do not throw things away. Sell them on the local antique fair or on eBuy.

  1. You postpone packing a backpack with essential items

Moving by yourselfTaking care of all your furniture is undoubtedly important, but you ought to spend some time packing things like water, food , medicament, notebook, flash light, maps, cards or even your kid's favourite game. This kit could be really helpful if you travel through big distances. Money and documents are also an important part of your carry on, don't forget that!

  1. You haven't re-checked the entire inventory

Do you want to spare yourself some stress? Make a list with every item, that's part of your inventory. This will not only prevent losing something important in the process, it will also help you save some time. Do not get overwhelmed by the rushing carriers. Make sure you check and re-check your inventory, so you can be absolutely certain that everything is present. Take your time. It will be way easier to straighten the things out during the moving day.

Now, if you are relocating house or your business on your own you know a few more things you should do or not to do to avoid the most common biggest mistakes that people do when moving on their own.